Translating ear piece

A new media product has been created to make translating language easier. A Waverly labs have created this earpiece that translates other languages almost instantly. This tiny device takes the spoken words of one language and translates them to another. It uses a combination of speech recognition, machine translation and voice synthesis. The company has planned to release European-based languages; English, Spanish, French and Italian first. Then later on they will put East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic and African languages, then developing the languages further. When released the expected retail price will be AU$410. The device will come with 2 pairs of ear pieces, one set for you and one set for your chosen choice, the package also includes 1 portable charger, 3 different sized eartips for the right fit, and an accompanying app for your mobile device or tablet. It comes in three colours; red, black and white.

This technology is new media. It is still fairly new in this world yet to come out as theĀ process of making this technology perfect is still underway. Before this there was nothing similar of automatically translating different languages. The best way to do something like this was through sites like; Google Translate or downloading apps. You would have to specifically type in the words than choose which language it comes from and which language you would like to translate it into, and even then it isn’t 100 per cent specific. The trouble with these options is it takes up a lot of time and you would have to type and spell different language words correctly. What if you were out in the city and someone said something to you, how would you remember exactly what they said, let alone spell it? Other sources of translation before this was Skype translator which was announced last year offering six voice languages as well as 50 messaging languages. Although the Skype translator sounds amazing it is no where near as astonishing and functional as this new media device; the translating ear piece.

This new media product impacts individuals, groups and society, as it helps people communicate with the world and others. Humans from different race can now officially communicate with others who speak different languages to them. It is “A life untethered, free of language barriers. It’s just that it’s no longer a dream anymore.” – the creator of this device. It helps with everyday lives for example if someone who doesn’t know how to speak your language tries to interact with you, then you can use this device to understand and interact with each other. The ear piece will automatically translate the language for you and there will no longer be a language barrier between the both of you. You’ll be able to make new friendships and memories. This new technology can help with people who are travelling or going for a holiday to a country they can’t speak the language of. This evolving technology will drastically make communication between different languages easier.

The cultural changes and possibilities that come with this new media product are endless. For people who can’t speak your initial language you’re now able to communicate on a new level. Cultures can now share their background and knowledge with one another without having that intruding barrier between them. They are able to learn information and learn the ways of one another’s culture and tradition, expedience new things and make new friendships.

There can be many new impacts from this translating ear piece, such as new user generated content and collaboration opportunities from companies and businesses. The financial benefits that companies and investors can gain from this new product is enormous.

However there are problems that could occur from this new technology. As in some cases people may want some privacy while talking in their own language, whereas others could intrude in on their privacy by translating their conversation and this could cause disruption to the society. Property rights can also be inferred with if other people try to make knock off’s of this product.

The company is also currently developing more designs, features and packages to improve their product. All in all this device is an amazing new product that most people in the world will want to get their hands on. There will be an enormous shift in cultural changes and everyday lives worldwide.